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Women's Studies Journal

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Women's Studies Journal
2018 - 32:1/2


Cover and Contents
Obituary for Margot Roth
Hilary Lapsley, pp.3-5
Caroline Blyth, Kirsten Locke, Yvonne Underhill-Sem, and Suzanne Woodward, pp.6-9
Fat women’s experiences of navigating sex and sexuality
Olivia Hall, pp.10-20
Interview: Epistemic injustice and the task of ‘staying with the trouble’ in academic publishing: A conversation with Rebecca Lund
Kirsten Locke and Rebecca Lund, pp.21-32
Research briefing: Violence against women in Samoa
Ramona Boodoosingh, Melanie Beres, and David Tombs, pp.33-56
Research report: ‘Tatala le ta’ui le Atua: Rolling out the fine mat of scripture’
Caroline Blyth, pp.57-62
Denying rape culture: A response to Luke Gittos
Johanna Stiebert, pp.63-72
Sexual harassment and assault on campus: What can Aotearoa New Zealand learn from Australia’s ‘Respect. Now. Always.’ initiative?
Carisa R. Showden, pp.73-80
2018 graduate student essay prize winner
Having it all in one place: Feminism and capitalism in Ellen Bravo’s “Not a favor to women: The workplace in a feminist future”
Seònaid Espiner, pp.81-89
2018 graduate student essay prize runner-up
Rape and the invisible work of survival
Ruby Alexander, pp.90-99
2018 graduate student essay prize runner-up
Playing the Trump card: Glorifying Aotearoa New Zealand feminism in ‘dangerous times’
Sally Crawford, pp.100-114
Book Review

Make her praises heard afar: New Zealand women overseas in World War One.
By Jane Tolerton.
Reviewed by Bronwyn Houliston, pp.115-117

Women’s Studies Journal, 32 Number 1/2, December 2018: 1-2. ISSN 1173-6615