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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2002 - 18:1


  • What Goes Around
    Margaret Roth
  • Doing Feminism: An Interview with Kate Dewes
    Alison Kagen & Anne Scott
  • Just or Unjust: Problematising the Gendered Nature of Criminal Justice
    Samantha Jeffries
  • More Women and New Skills: Economic Restructuring and the Feminisation of Aotearoa New Zealand's Museums
    Joanna Cobley & Toby Harfield
  • Gender and Pay in Clothing and Laundry Work: Linda Hill Talks to Maxine Gay, Clothing, Laundry & Allied Workers Union
    Linda Hill
  • Naked Skin Together: Exploring Young Women's Narratives of Corporeal (Hetero)sexual Pleasure Through a Spectrum of Embodiment.
    Louisa Allen
  • The Women's Christian Temperance Union and Food Reform in New Zealand
    Janet Mitchell
Book Reviews:
  • The Girls in the Gang, by Glennis Denehy and George Newbold, reviewed by Vivienne Elizabeth.
  • Work Wise: A New Zealand Guide to Managing Workplace Relationships, by Pat Rosier, reviewed by Celia Briar.
  • Lady Travellers: The Tourists of Early New Zealand, by Bee Dawson, reviewed by Joanna Cobley.
  • 'Unfortunate Folk': Essays on Mental Health Treatment, 1863-1992,(eds) by Barbara Brookes and Jane Thompson, reviewed by Jenny Coleman.
  • A Fine Pen: The Chinese View of Catherine Mansfield, by Joanna Woods, reviewed by Alexandra Smith
Review Article:
  • Pacific Women Speak Out: For Independence and Denuclearisation, by Zohl de Ishtar and Aotearoa/ New Zealand at the World Court, by Kate Dewes and Robert Green, reviewed by Linda Persson.