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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2004 - 18:2

'Women, Work & Welfare'


  • Editorial: Women Work and Welfare
    Linda Hill and Celia Briar
  • Significant increases in the minimum wage: A strategy for gender pay equity?
    Prue Hyman
  • Female financial hardship and debt due to marital status
    Tina McIvor
  • Age and gender discrimination in recruitment agency employment practices: A qualitative study of older women's job search experiences
    Doreen Davy and Jocelyn Handy
  • Exploring discriminatory practices: In the appointment of primary school principals
    Keren Brooking
  • Talking personally: Kindergarten teachers talk education reforms, 1984-1996
    Judith Duncan
  • Women senior managers: Successful individuals or markers of collective change?
    Judith K. Pringle
  • Women and academic careers in Malaysia
    Michelle Lunn
    Book reviews:
  • Nickel and dimed: Undercover in low-wage USA by Barbara Ehrenreich, reviewed by Celia Briar
  • Women, gender and work (ed) Martha Fetherolf Loutfi, and Breaking through the glass ceiling: Women in management by Linda Wirth, reviewed by Linda Hill
  • While you're away: New Zealand nurses at war 1899-1948, by Anna Rogers, reviewed by Jude Marshall
  • The status of women in classical economic thought (eds).Robert Dimand, Chris Nyland and Edward Elgar, reviewed by Prue Hyman