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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2001 - 17:2

'Knowledge, Politics and Education'


  • Editorial: Knowledge, Politics and Education
    Rosemary Du Plessi
  • 'I got my PhD, but I still feel a fraud': Women Knowing
    Sue Middleton
  • Disciplining Women's Studies: Repositioning Feminist Education in Aotearoa/ New Zealand
    Jenny Coleman
  • Constructing a Women's University: The Limits of Innovation?
    Blossom Hart
  • 'Fractured and Authentic': A Layered Account of Rape Crisis Pedagogy
    Jean Rath
  • 'Plains FM gave me dreams...and dreams came true': Women and Community Access Radio
    Rowan Jeffre
  • Elsie Locke: A Tribute
    Jackie Matthews, Alison Locke, Libby Plumridge and Gina Moss
  • Ko Wai Ahau? Who Am I? Indigenous Disabled Identities
    Huhana Hickey
Book Reviews:
  • A Body of Writing, 1990-1999, by Bronwyn Davies, reviewed by Elody Rathgen.
  • Facing the Music, Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson (directors/screenplay), reviewed by Joanna Cobley.
  • Touchy Subject: Teachers Touching Children (ed) Alison Jones, reviewed by Sue Middleton.
  • Living in the Twentieth Century. New Zealand History and Photographs, 1900-1980, by Bronwyn Dalley, reviewed by Melanie Nolan.
  • At home in New Zealand: Houses, History, People, (ed) Barbara Brookes, reviewed by Jackie Matthews.
  • Palmerston North Women's Refuge: Herstory 1979-2000, by Sheryl Hann, reviewed by Glennis Dennehy.