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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2001 - 17:1

'Visual Culture'


  • Editorial: Visual Culture
    Lynne Star
  • Pacific Women: Challenging the Boundaries of Tradition
    Karen Stevenson
  • Visual Culture, Public Stories and Personal Experience: Young Heterosexual Women discuss Sex and the City
    Karen Due Theilade
  • Acting on Impulse, Claiming Sexuality and Kicking Ass: New Women's Heterosexualities in Aotearoa New Zealand Popular Culture
    Sheryl Hann
  • Feminist Walls: Abbey Road and Popular Memory
    Tara Brabazon
  • Confronting 'Critical Unease': Women Talk about Representations of 'Killer Women' / 'Action Heroines'
    Tiina Vares
  • Lesbian Landscapes: A Little Oral History
    Marian Evans
Book Review:
  • Women in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, reviewed by Dorothy Page.

Cover images from the article "Feminist Walls: Abbey Road and Popular Memory" by Tara Brabazon