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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2007 - 21:1

Jenny Coleman, Leigh Coombes, Michelle Lunn, Mandy Morgan
Celebrating 20 volumes of Women’s Studies Journal
  • The Journal’s Success Story. Margot Roth
  • Looking Back, Looking Ahead. Anne Else
  • The University of Otago Editors, 1992-1995.
    Annabel Cooper, Maud Cahill, Barbara Brookes and editorial collective
  • The return to Auckland. Phyllis Herda
Strategies of Control and Resistance: Lay responses to the medicalisation of menopause
Annette Beasley
Reflection on PhD Writing Process
Writing a Thesis? How to make a writing group work for postgraduate women
Lesley Patterson, Heather Barnett, Vicki Culling
Book Reviews
Cracks in a Glass Ceiling: New Zealand Women 1975-2004. Joyce Herd. Reviewed by Jenny Coleman. Politics 101. Anna Smith. Reviewed by Michelle Lunn. Assume Nothing. Rebecca Swan. Reviewed by Geraldine Christmas
Women's Studies Journal Volumes 11-20