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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2006 - 20:2

'Women and Spirituality'

  • Editors' introduction
    Kathryn Rountree, Mary Nash
  • Te Ukaipo - te Taiao: the Mother, the Nurturer - Nature
    Aroha Yates-Smith
  • Women and the changing face of the Christian God
    Mary Betz
  • Home shrine making: Women fashioning sacred space in everyday life
    Deirdre Savage
  • Women readers on spiritual quest
    Patricia Rose and Elizabeth Moores
  • Women changing: Relating spirituality and development through the wisdom of Mothers' Union members in Tanzania
    Eleanor Sanderson
  • A widening circle: The generative power of women's spirituality
    Juliet Batten
Book reviews
  • In Heavenly Love Abiding: Memoirs of a Missionary Wife, Catharine Eade. Compiled by Patricia Boot. Reviewed by Mary Nash.
  • Faith Evolving: A Patchwork Journey, Trish McBride. Reviewed by Helen Simmons.