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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2020 - 34:1/2


Cover and Contents
Caroline Blyth, Kirsten Locke, Yvonne Underhill-Sem, and Suzanne Woodward, p.3
Research Reports
Doing family and fathering in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A community-based study with refugee-background men
Louise Humpage, Jay Marlowe, Genevieve Grava, Kiri West, Abann Yor, Gatluak Chaol, Jean-Pierre Karabadogomba, Jeffrey Pau and Selvahamar Sivanathan, p.5
Women's experiences of medical miss-diagnosis: How does gender matter in healthcare settings?
Jessica Thompson and Denise Blake, p.22
Assessing the employee status of women in the city of Cape Town, South Africa
Elaine Sinden, p.37
Articles: Queer lives, queer communities
‘Oh my god, I'm home’: Lesbian nightlife in 1990s central Auckland
Harriet Winn, p.48
That was then, this is now: Identity in the Auckland lesbian community
Sarah Buxton, p.59
Wellington's ‘Drag Kings’: Comedy, cabaret and community
Meghan Williams, p.68
‘And every word a lie’: Samoan gender-divergent communities, language and epistemic violence
Luka Leleiga Lim-Bunnin, p.76
Overlooked, forgotten, avoided: The LGBT community and public art
Elizabeth Newton-Jackson, p.92
‘Non-monogamy is the hardest thing to disclose’: Expressions of gender, sexuality, and relationships on the university campus
Juliana Brown, p.107
A personal encounter with purity culture: Evangelical Christian schooling in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Olivia Stanley, p.116
Pushpamala: A performative deconstruction of the typography of Indigenous women through a postcolonial lens
Katja Phutaraksa Neef, p.130
‘Little paroxysms of rage’: A conversation about academia and feminism with Professor Alison Jones
Kirsten Locke, Charlotte Johnson, and Alison Jones, p.137
Decolonising white feminism in Aotearoa/New Zealand: An interview with Anjum Rahman
Kirsten Locke, Anjum Rahman, and Charlotte Johnson, p.149
Decolonising white feminism: A response to Anjum Rahman
Nishhza Thiruselvam, p.161
Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 34 Number 1/2, December 2020. ISSN 1173-6615