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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2017 - 31:1


Cover & Contents
Johanna Schmidt and Carolyn Michelle, co-editors, p.3-4
From human rights to law and order: The changing relationship between trafficking and prostitution in Aotearoa/New Zealand policy discourse
Carisa R. Showden, pp.5-21
Shamed into health? Fat pregnant women's views on obesity management strategies in maternity care
George Parker, pp.22-33
Gendered and cultural moral rationalities: Pacific mothers' pursuit of child support money
Moeata Keil and Vivienne Elizabeth, pp.34-47
Keynote lecture, Gender & Sexuality stream, Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand Conference 2015
The turn to men in gender politics
Michael Flood, pp.48-58
Research report
Fair (?) & lovely: Ideas of beauty among young migrant women in Chennai, India
Josephine Varghese, pp.59-69
Political commentary
Building coalitions and establishing fiscal credibility on gender issues: Labour's campaign to increase paid parental leave
Sue Moroney, pp.70-73
Conference Papers
University of Canterbury Feminist Society's third annual feminist conference (17-18 September 2016): Selected papers
Introduction by Kara Kennedy, pp.74-99
WSA/PAW Conference 2016: Re/generation: New landscapes in feminism and women's studies
Keynotes and abstracts, pp.100-147
Book reviews

Roll on the revolution … but not till after xmas! Selected feminist writing by Margot Roth,
Selected and edited by Hilary Lapsley, Pat Rosier, Mary Mowbray, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Linda Hill, Prue Hyman, Jenny Rankine and Anne Else
Reviewed by Angela Wanhalla, pp.148-149

The search for Anne Perry,
By Joanne Drayton
Reviewed by Nadia Gush, pp.150-152

Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 31 Number 1, July 2017. ISSN 1173-6615