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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2013 - 27:2


Volume 27 (Issues 1 & 2)
Carolyn Michelle, Johanna Schmidt and Rachel Simon-Kumar, p.2-3
'I could only work every second Sunday': The role of separated fathers in the labour market participation of separated mothers when they're in dispute over care and contact arrangements
Vivienne Elizabeth, Julia Tolmie, and Nicola Gavey, pp.2-13
Equal pay for equal value: The case for care workers
Linda Hill, pp.14-31
'Did you just ask me to marry you?': The gendered nature of heterosexual relationship progressions
Maureen Baker and Vivienne Elizabeth, pp.32-43
Investigating the sexuality of disabled Japanese women: Six autobiographical accounts
Hiroko Yasuda and Carol Hamilton, pp.44-53
Book Reviews

Wanted, a beautiful barmaid: Women behind the bar in New Zealand, 1830-1976,
Susan Upton
Reviewed by Nadia Gush, pp.54-55

New beginnings: New Kiwi women write their stories,
Renee Liang (Editor)
Reviewed by Arezou Zalipour, pp.56-57

Reviewer acknowledgements for 2013
Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 27 Number 2, December 2013. ISSN 1173-6615