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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2010 - 24:1


Ann Weatherall, Heather Barnett, Sue Jackson and Elizabeth Rawlings, pp.1-2
Camp Mothers of the Nation? Reading Untouchable Girls
Anita Brady, pp.3-13
“The problem that won’t go away”: Femininity, motherhood and science
Lesley Hall, pp.14-30
The Ministry of Women’s Affairs after 25 years: Personal reflections on its existence, roles, and effectiveness
Prue Hyman, pp.31-46
Dilemmas of Delivery: Gender, health and formal sexuality education in New Zealand/Aotearoa classrooms
Sue Jackson and Ann Weatherall, pp.47-59
Research Notes
Research note: intersexuality, feminism and the case for gender binaries
Geraldine Christmas, pp.60-65
Reinventing the Squeal: Looking for a sexual (r)evolution in New Zealand
Lesley Wright, pp.66-70
Book reviews

Looking for Answers: A Life of Elsie Locke
Maureen Birchfield
Reviewed by Lesley Hall, pp.71-74

Serving whose Interests? The Political Economy of Trade in Services Agreements
Jane Kelsey
Reviewed by Linda Hill, pp.75-79

Her Life’s Work: Conversations with Five New Zealand Women
Deborah Shepard
Reviewed by Deborah Taylor, pp.80-81

Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 24 Number 1, August 2010. ISSN 1173-6615