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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2009 - 23:2


Jeannie Wright and Sue Cornforth, p.1-2
An introduction to feminisms in a postfeminist age
Jenny Coleman, pp.3-13
Echoed silences: In absentia: Mana wahine in institutional contexts
Hine Waitere and Patricia Maringi Johnston, pp.14-31
Feminism and therapy: Mo[ve]ments in practice
Kathie Crocket, Elmarie Kotze, Jenny Snowdon and Rachel McKenna, pp.32-45
The body as a site of knowing: Sexual abuse counsellors’ responses to traumatic disclosures
Margaret Pack, pp.46-56
‘Composing myself on paper’: Personal journal writing and feminist influences
Jeannie Wright and Pip Ranby, pp.57-67
The personal is still political: Collective biographical memory work and feminist practice
Sue Cornforth, Jayne White, Andrea Milligan and Lise Bird Claiborne, pp.68-76
Book review

Marie C. Croll, Following sexual abuse: A sociological interpretation of identity re/formation in reflexive therapy
Reviewed by Angela Baker, pp.77-78

Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 23 Number 2, November 2009. ISSN 1173-6615