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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2009 - 23:1

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Robyn Andrews, Jenny Coleman, Leigh Coombes, Mandy Morgan, Sita Venkateswar,
Call for contributions for WSJ 2010, p.3
Rosemary Seymour: Links and Legacies
Kay Morris Matthews, pp.4-18
Women in Parliament in Pakistan: Problems and Potential Solutions
Saira Bano, pp.19-35
Women and Gambling: What can be learned from the New Zealand experience? A Women’s Studies Approach
Phillida Bunkle, pp.36-45
Joining of Māori and Feminist Perspectives on Gambling
Lorna Dyall, pp. 46-48
Book review

Jan Jordan, Serial Survivors: Women’s narratives of surviving rape
Reviewed by Judith Dennis, pp.49-50

Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 23 Number 1, September 2009. ISSN 1173-6615