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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2005 - 19:2

'Women and Violence'

Topics include doctors' experiences with abused women; women's experiences with lawyers and the Domestic Violence Act (1995); the law governing women's evidence in rape trials; the relationship between sex-work and violence; the spread of HIV and violence; and the relationship between traditional sociological theory and women's accounts of their experiences of abuse. There are also two commentaries on the subject - one from Hon Ruth Dyson, Minister for Women's Affairs, who speaks of the Labour Government's commitment to eradicating violence in New Zealand, and the other from Professor Jane Ritchie of Waikato University, who discusses women's violence towards children.


  • Mortification of the Self: Goffman's theory and abusive intimate relationships
    Ang Jury
  • Victimisation among those involved in underage commercial sexual activity
    Miriam Saphira and Averil Herbert
  • Violence against women and the burden of HIV-AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Laura Ann McCloskey, Ulla Larson, Corrie Williams
  • 'It's really quite a delicate issue' - GP's talk about domestic violence
    Amy Aldridge and Leigh Coombes
  • New Zealand women's experiences of lawyers in the context of domestic violence: criticisms and commendations
    Rachael Pond and Mandy Morgan
  • Sexual violence in the courtroom: assisting women trial complainants in the courtroom
    Elisabeth McDonald
  • Commentary: Women's violence to children
    Jane Ritchie
  • Book Review: Just Sex? The cultural scaffolding of rape