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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1999 - 15:2

'Girl Trouble? Feminist Inquiry Into the Lives of Young Women'


  • 'It's Life Jim, But Not as We Know It': The Trouble with Girls' Achievements in Science Education
    Jane Gilbert
  • Girls Growing up on the Edge of the Millennium
    Valerie Walkerdine
  • 'You Have to be Pretty, You Have to be Slim and You Have to be Heterosexual, I Think': The Operation and Disruption of Heteronormalising Processes Within the Peer Culture of Two Single Sex Girls' High Schools in New Zealand
    Kathleen Quinlivan
  • 'Coming Out/Going Home': Australian Girls and Young Women Interrogating Racism and Heterosexism
    Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
  • Shattered Dreams and Alienated Bodies: Transsexual Journeys Through Girlhood
    Denise Bates
  • Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know: Adolescence and the Production of Femininity
    Anita Harris
  • Damned if We Do, Damned if We Don't: New Zealand and United Kingdom High School Students Negotiation of Sexual Identities
    Myra J. Hird and Sue M. Jackson
  • Female Youth: Gender and Life Phases from a Historical and Socio-cultural Perspective
    Marion E. P. de Ras
Book Reviews:
  • Talking Up: Young Women's Take on Feminism, (eds) Rosamund Else-Mitchell and Naomi Flutters, reviewed by Kirsty Wild.
  • Understanding Children's Development: A New Zealand Perspective, by Annie B. Smith, reviewed by Helen Mavoa.
  • The Story of a New Zealand Writer: Jane Mander, by Rae McGregor, reviewed by Aorewa McLeod.
  • Still Life: Hidden Stories of Stillbirth and Forbidden Grief, by Lois Tonkin, reviewed by Liz Kiata-Holland.
  • Interactive Identities: Jewish Women in New Zealand, by Livia Kathe Wittmann, reviewed by Nina Nola.
  • Folding Back the Shadows: A Perspective on Women's Mental Health, by Sarah Romans, reviewed by Marion Doherty.

Cover Photograph: Documento 3, Victoria Martinez Azaro, 1999