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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1998 - 14:2



  • Heka He Va a Mei Popo: Sitting on a Rotten Branch of the Breadfruit Tree: Reading the Poetry of Konai Helu Thaman
    Briar Wood
  • The Per/son Authorised: Married Women's Autobiography and the Death of the Author, 1882 & 1992
    Tracey Slaughter
  • A Home in This World: Why New Zealand Women Stopped Writing
    Aorewa McLeod
  • Robin Hyde's 'The House of Woman' in the 'Book of Nadath
    Jane Maloney
  • My Ursula Bethell
    Janet Charman
  • From Displacement to Dissemination: Narratives of Experience and Possibility
    Marion Doherty
  • Stubborn Passions: Gender Imbalance in the New Zealand Feature Film Industry
    Larissa Marno
  • Poems by Briar Wood, Tracey Slaughter and Janet Charman.
Book Reviews:
  • The Common Purse: Income Sharing in New Zealand Families, by Robin Fleming in association with Julia Taiapa, Anna Pakisale and Susan Kell Easting, reviewed by Prue Hyman.
  • Queer Theory, by Annamarie Jagose, reviewed by Katrina Roen.
  • Disciplining Sexuality: Foucault, Life Histories and Education, by Sue Middleton, reviewed by Lise Bird.
  • Flowers into Landscape: Margaret Stoddart, 1865-1934, by Julie King, reviewed by Judith Collard.
  • Stick Out, Keep Left, Margaret Thorn (eds) Elsie Locke and Jacqui Matthews, reviewed by Annabel Cooper.
  • Feminist Thought in Aotearoa/ New Zealand: Connections and Differences, (eds)Rosemary Du Plessis and Lynne Alice, and Re-orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Postcolonial World by Chilla Bulbeck, reviewed by Alison Jones.
  • The Idea of Prostitution, by Sheila Jeffreys, reviewed by Tracy Tulloch.

Cover Image: Mantle, Carole Shepheard, 1997