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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1997 - 14:1


  • An Unstable Achievement: Conflicts in Feminist Collective Organising
    Jane Vanderpyl
  • Sister Mabel's Private Diary 1907-1910: Sisterhood, Love and Religious Doubt
    Margaret Tennant
  • Breast Feeding and the Body Politic
    Annette N. Beasley
  • Painted with a Smile; Art and Representation in 'Art in New Zealand' 1928-1940
    Judith Collard
  • The Fabric of Their Lives: Quilters Negotiating Time and Space
    Amanda Doyle
  • A Defence for the Battered Woman? Assessing the Adequacy of Legal Defences Available to Battered Women Who Kill
    Sacha Wallach
Book Reviews:
  • To Labour with the State: The Fiji Public Service Association, by Jacqueline Leckie, reviewed by Claire Slatter.
  • Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Critical Introduction, by Christine Cheyne, reviewed by Linda Bryder.
  • Contemporary Australian Feminism 2, (ed)Kate Prichard Hughes, reviewed by Kate Hunter.
  • Without Issue: New Zealanders Who Choose Not to Have Children, by Jan Cameron, reviewed by Kimberly Abshoff.
  • Three Masquerades: Essays on Equality, Work and Hu(man) Rights, by Marilyn Waring, reviewed by Ruth Butterworth.
  • Vaccination Against Pregnancy: Miracle or Menace? by Judith Richter, reviewed by Danielle Moreau.

Cover Photograph: From the Diary, Ngahiraka Mason, 1997.