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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1997 - 13:2

'Indigenous Women in the Pacific'


  • Images of Māori Women in New Zealand Postcards after 1990
    Jacqui Sutton-Beets
  • In the Interest of Māori Women? Discourses of Reclamation
    Clea Te Kawehau Hoskins
  • Education in Western Samoa: Reflections on My Experiences
    Lonise Tanielu
  • Reclamation of Cultural Identity for Māori Women: A Response to 'Prisonisation'
    D. Helene Connor
  • Deconstructing the 'Exotic' Female Beauty of the Pacific Islands and 'White' Male Desire
    Tamasailau Suaalii
  • Ancient Banyans, Flying Foxes and White Ginger: The Poetry of Pacific Island Women
    Selina Tusitala Marsh
  • Gender and Work in Fiji: Constraints of Re-negotiation
    Jacqueline Leckie
  • Poems by Konai Helu Thaman
Book Reviews:
  • The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Vol 3 1901-1920, reviewed by Charlotte Macdonald.
  • An Angel in God's Office: My Wartime Diaries, by Neva Clark McKenna, reviewed by Deborah Montgomerie.
  • The Discovery of Early Childhood: The Development of Services for the Care and Education of Very Young Children, Mid Eighteenth Century Europe to Mid Twentieth Century New Zealand, by Helen May, reviewed by Phillipa Mein Smith.
  • Reply to 'Feminism and the Sexual Abuse Debate: A Troubled Response to Cammille Guy' by Annabel Cooper
    Felicity A. Goodyear-Smith

Cover Screenprint: Plate IV, Dagmar Dyck, 1996