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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1997 - 13:1


  • Talking Dancing: Choreographing the Audience in Some Recent Dance Work in Aotearoa
    Eluned Summers-Bremner
  • Representation of Self-Presentation: The Use of Oral History in Texts About Māori Women
    Siobhan McKimmey
  • A Study in Black and White: The Life and Work of Photographer Jessie Buckland
    Vickie Hearnshaw
  • 'Sameness' and Suckling: Feminism and a Changing Labour Market
    Judith Galtry
  • Ettie Rout's Other War
    Jan A. Rodgers
  • Feminist Ethnography: On the Politics of Doing Research on Women
    Paulette Benton
  • Poems by Meta Assink
  • Feminism and the Sexual Abuse Debate: A Troubled Response to Camille Guy
    Annabel Cooper
Book Reviews:
  • The Story of Suzanne Aubert, by Jessie Munro, reviewed by Pauline Engel.
  • The Internet for Women, by Rye Senjen and Jane Guthrey, reviewed by Phillis Herda.
  • Her Work and His: Family, Kin and Community in New Zealand, 1900-1930, by Claire Toynbee, reviewed by Barbara Brookes.
  • Eugenia, by Lorae Parry, reviewed by Aorewa McLeod.
  • The Women's Parliament: The National Council of Women in New Zealand, 1896-1920, by Roberta Nicholls, reviewed by Margaret Tennant.
  • The National Council of Women in New Zealand, by Dorothy Page, reviewed by Margaret Tennant.
  • Money-Go-Rounds: The Importance of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations for Women, (eds)S. Ardener and S. Burman, reviewed by Angela Cheater.

Cover Image: Tawhiri, Alexis Louise Neal, 1996