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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
1995 - 11:1&2

Theme Issue - Aotearoa/ New Zealand and their Others: Feminism and Postcoloniality


  • Māori, the 'Eternally Compromised Noun': Complicity, Contradictions and Postcolonial Identities in the Age of Biculturalism
    Donna Matahaere
  • Post-cards & Post-colonialism: Photo Essay
    Caroline Vercoe
  • Getting the Picture
    Annie Goldson
  • Re-presenting Forms: Margaret Dawson's Amusements
    Susan Bollard
  • Post Colonialism: Ko te Mate Kurupopo - The Festering Wound
    Hana O'Regan
  • Postcolonial Māori Sovereignty
    Radhika Mohanram
  • Setting up the Targets: the Construction of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) 'Target Groups' in the New Zealand Public Service
    Deborah Jones
  • Tourist Traffic No. 2: The Cultural Romance of 'White Woman' Rewritten in Stories Without Plot Devices
    Sarah Williams
1994 Coleman Lecture:
  • Structural Reform, Economism, and the Abuse of Scientific Authority
    Phillida Bunkle
Current Policy Issues for Women:
  • Women's Access to Justice Project
    The Law Commission
  • The Wages of Sin: Aspects of Nurse Training At Dunedin Hospital in the 1920s and 1930s
    Patricia Sargison
Book Reviews:
  • Feminism and the Politics of Difference, (eds) Sneja Gunew and Anna Yeatman, reviewed by Rosemary Du Plessis.
  • Justice and Identity: Antipodean Practices, (eds) Margaret Wilson and Anna Yeatman, reviewed by Rosemary Du Plessis.
  • Vision Aotearoa: Kaupapa New Zealand, Roslie Capper and Amy Brown (interviewers), Witi Ihimaera (ed), reviewed by Anna Marsich.
  • Pirating the Pacific, by Anna Stephen, reviewed by Caroline Vercoe.
  • Three Dances by Carol Brown, reviewed by Beverly Burrell.
  • Women and Economics, by Prue Hyman, reviewed by Jan Pahl.
  • Shards of Glass, by Bronwyn Davies, reviewed by Judith McFarlane.

Cover Design by Caroline Vercoe and Mark McGuire